Chemical Biology of Nucleic Acids: DNA Origami and Artificial Genetic Switch

조회수 : 553 등록일 : 2019.10.09 10:59

일시 : 2019.10.08 17:00
소속 : Kyoto University
발표자 : Hiroshi Sugiyama
장소 : R404

The DNA origami method developed for the preparation of fully addressable two-dimensional (2-D) structures has been utilized for the selective positioning of the functional molecules and nanoparticles.  We designed ”DNA frame” using the DNA origami method to investigate enzymatic action and DNA structural change.[1]To observe the behaviors and reactions of DNA methyltransferase, DNA recombinase, Cas9, MOC1, and DNA repair enzymes, the substrate dsDNAs were incorporated into the cavity of the DNA frame, and the enzymes that bound to the target dsDNA were observed using high speed-atomic force microscope.[1,2]  We recently developed DNA nanocages and investigated the effect of confined space on the property of G-quadruplex and found that mechanical and thermodynamic stabilities of the G-quadruplex inside the nanocage are significantly increased.[3] Also a strategy for lipid-bilayer-assisted self-assembly of various DNA origami tiles into 2-D lattices was developed.[4]

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