Nature-Inspired Organic Hybrid Structures for Their Applications

조회수 : 742 등록일 : 2019.05.24 13:17

일시 : 2019.05.22 17:00
소속 : 이화여자대학교 과학교육과
발표자 : 박지훈
장소 : R404
Natural organisms are the source of inspiration that provides the strategical ideas for achieving the scientific/technological breakthrough by overcoming the current drawbacks. In this talk, the nature-inspired organic hybrid structures and their applications will be discussed. Inspired by cryptobiosis found in tardigrade and bacterial endospore, individual living cells were coated with cytocompatible and degradable nanoshells formed by polyphenols and metal salts to modulate the cellular activities as well as to protect the cell viability against external stresses. The polyphenol-derived nanocoating was also achieved through spray-assisted assembly. The spray-coated agricultural products had the extended shelf-life, which was reminiscent of chemical defense of plant by antimicrobial materials. Lastly, nature’s aggregation behavior for construction of the sophisticated cellular structures spurred us to study the controlled aggregation of nanoparticles coated anisotropically with silica nanoshells. The controlled chemical aggregation enhanced the signals in photoacoustic effect, which will be utilized in the development of smart contrasting agents for photoacoustic imaging—the emerging diagnostic technique for diverse cancers. Although the nature-inspired approach is still in its infancy, the nature-inspired organic hybrid structures discussed in this talk would manifest the full possibilities of providing the innovative solutions for nanobio/biomedical applications by leveraging nature’s strategies.
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