Transition metal-catalyzed radical reactions of organohalides

조회수 : 722 등록일 : 2019.04.03 19:00

일시 : 2019.04.03 17:00
소속 : 한국화학연구원
발표자 : 김혜진
장소 : R404
Free radical-mediated reactions have been powerful methods for the construction and manipulation of chemical bonds in organic synthesis. Among a wide range of functional groups, organohalides have long been considered as useful substrates for radical reactions because they are readily available and the halogen-associated bond is conducive to mild generation of free radicals. In the following presentation, transition metal-mediated catalytic systems for the development of free radical reactions of organohalides will be introduced. In an effort to search for efficient alternatives for traditional organotin-mediated methods, a nickel-catalyzed protocol was developed for radical cyclization of unactivated alkyl halides. The scope of the organohalide was expanded by introducing a visible-light harnessing photocatalysis. Taking advantage of the capability of photoredox catalysis to mediate radical processes, we also investigated heteroatom-centered radical reactions. Details will be shown in the presentation.
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