Artificial Photosynthesis of Solar Fuels

조회수 : 572 등록일 : 2018.12.05 15:01

일시 : 2018.11.28 17:00
소속 : Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
발표자 : Hongxian Han
장소 : AS510

Artificial photosynthesis of solar fuels is regarded as one of the holy grails of Sciences and potentially disruptive renewable energy technologies for addressing the global energy and environmental problems in the near future. It is now one of the mostly involved programs in the international Mission Innovation Challenge for Accelerating the Clean Energy Revolution.

However, artificial photosynthesis of solar fuels is extremely challenging due to solar water splitting or CO2 conversion are all energetically uphill (G>0) and non-spontaneous multi-electron transfer reactions,  which are difficult to be understood by traditional knowledge of catalysis. An efficient solar energy conversion system must simultaneously deals well with light absorption, charge separation and transfer, surface redox reactions. Especially, efficient charge separation and transfer by retarding back electron transfer, are often regarded as the key step for efficient solar energy conversion.

In this talk, I will systematically introduce our research progress on the development of visible light absorbing semiconductor photocatalysts, strategies for efficient charge separation and transfer, and efficient catalysts for OER and HER. These include 1) development of particulate semiconductor nanomaterial for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction (HER), oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and overall water splitting reaction (OWSR). Emphasis will be paid on the strategies for co-loading HER and OER cocatalysts on a semiconductor nanoparticle for enhancing photocatalytic activity. 2) Discovery of simultaneous multi-electron-transfer from semiconductor to molecular HER catalyst. 3) Discovery of working potential window of gamma-manganese (gamma-MnO2) oxide for long lasting continuous OER for more than 6000 hrs in acidic electrolyte, which opens us a new avenue for developing earth-abundant-element based OER catalyst for large-scale solar H2production by Si-PV/PEM. I will also share my thoughts on different protocols of artificial photosynthesis systems in laboratory, and discuss future research direction in artificial photosynthesis. 

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