Lewis Base and Transition Metal Catalysis for Selective Chemical Synthesis: Development and Mechanistic Studies

조회수 : 630 등록일 : 2018.11.21 16:19

일시 : 2018.11.21 17:00
소속 : 연세대학교 화학과
발표자 : 이윤미
장소 : AS510

The development of new, catalytic chemical processes has an impact on a broad range of disciplines that require the synthesis of organic molecules. The field of catalysis has continually evolved with the discovery of new catalysts and the fundamental understanding of their reactivity that delivers new modes of chemical activation for selective bond-forming or bond-breaking pathways. Here, I present my recent research efforts toward the establishment of enantio- or site-selective chemical transformations catalyzed by Lewis bases and/or transition metal complexes. In the first part of this seminar will be discussed the development of enantioselective organic reactions catalyzed by planar-chiral derivatives of 4-dimethylaminopyridine (DMAP), specifically, dynamic kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols and asymmetric α-fluorinations of ketenes. Mechanistic studies, some of which were critical to the successful development of these processes, will also be presented. The second part of the presentation will describe the synthetic and detailed mechanistic studies of catalytic, site-selective C-H bond functionalizations of simple arenes to form C-C bonds enabled by the cooperation between palladium and silver intermediates. 

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